Zero Risks

Our priority has always been: the operator’s safety!

Safety requirements regarding both the operator and other persons who frequently come into contact with the machine (maintenance technicians, personnel on the ground for joint operations etc.), has led us to adopt low-voltage technology for our electric street sweeper, so as to nullify the risks associated with electric equipment.

96V batteries

The batteries of D.zero2 are classified as CATEGORY 0 (Zero) in accordance with standard IEC 11-1, the safest in the classification of electrical systems.

Safety for Operators and other People

The machine is certified in accordance with the ECE regulation for protection against direct and indirect contact.

Dulevo Telematic

The Dulevo Telematic system permits geolocalisation of the machine and monitoring of its functional parameters for checking its operating status in real time. The status of the machine can be seen in real time at your nearest assistance centre and any malfunctions, alarms and anomalies are identified immediately to prevent downtime.

Battery monitoring System

This system makes it possible to monitor the parameters of each battery (current, temperature of the batteries, and life cycles), ensure ongoing and automatic prevention, promptly arrange emergency repairs, cut down on maintenance costs, increase productivity of the machine, and obtain data on actual use for implementing measures to improve the machine.

Interview Video

The After-sales manager of Dulevo International explains the features of the innovative service by Telematica for remote diagnostics designed to provide a service in real time to operators worldwide.