The new Dulevo D.zero² 100% electric

Discover the first electric street sweeper characterised by 0 emissions and 100% performance

Barcelona, July 2017

Zero CO2 emissions for a cleaner environment

Discover how the innovative technology of Dulevo can improve the environment where you live and work

Milan, September 2017

Zero manoeuvre problems in city centres

Its compact size and central joint make D.zero² ideal to operate efficiently in small spaces

Montecarlo, May 2017

Zero performance and autonomy limits

Dulevo D.zero² guarantees a complete work shift without any pauses to recharge

Fidenza, October 2017

Zero costs and maintenance times

The innovative electric engine of D.zero² minimises maintenance costs and times

Barcelona, July 2017

Zero risks for the operator

The safety of operators and people has always been the focus point of Dulevo’s commitment

Montecarlo, May 2017


Discover the novelties of the latest innovation founded by Dulevo: D.zero² 100% electric. Here you can find the latest news and details regarding the advantages that the new electric street sweeper can provide in your city.

Technical Specifications

The D.zero² suction sweeper was designed by following the most modern concepts of ergonomics, usability and performance. It is distinguished by its versatility: it has a variable cleaning track and patented suction outlet, thus it adapts itself perfectly to tight spaces while also still covering large surface areas.

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  • Brush opening

    Brush opening The opening range of the brushes is from 1750 mm to 3200 mm. The side brush system is thrust-operated; ascent, descent and opening of the arms, to change the sweeping path, are controlled independently from the armrest in the cabin.
  • Patented suction inlet

    Patented suction inlet The innovative suction inlet, patented by Dulevo and having an opening range of 650mm, drastically reduces use of the flap with bulkier material as a result of its automatic adjustment system.
  • Interiors

    Interiors The cabin was designed with large glass surfaces on the front and back, as well as the side doors, thus giving the operator more visibility. The rear view is guaranteed by a camera with colour display on the steering column that allows you to monitor both the discharging and parking stages.
  • Waste container

    Waste container The waste container is made of AISI 304 2.5 mm thick watertight stainless steel. The sweeper guarantees high productivity thanks to its spacious container with a geometric volume of 2.1 m³.
Feature Value
Cabin places 2
Minimum sweeping width 1750 mm
Maximum sweeping width 3200 mm
Waste container capacity 2,1 m³

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